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I want to increase your after tax returns while providing a diversified portfolio and asset protection.
This can be achieved by developing a customized tailored plan that meets your needs.
This starts with a needs analysis where we review your financial goals, remember you cannot get there if you don't have a roadmap! please take the time to explore this site and see what I can offer you.

There is no substitute for professional advice!

Specializing in Estate Preservation and Executive Benefits.

This site offers the following

Incorporation services we can incorporate you S,C, or LLC Partnership, corporation or even non-profit for a flat fee of $250.00 Email for Details

Resources to the public in order to assist in the selection of an investment strategy
Solid financial advice yielding positive results regardless of market conditions
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Col Robert Edwards is a Financial Architect
He has worked for some of the largest firms in the nation
has been a top producer and managed hundreds of millions of dollars
in addition he is a fully Licensed Financial Advisor passing multiple exams. He is licensed to transact business in multiple states including: Florida, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.
His experience is not limited to Stocks but includes both cashless and equity options and he knows them so well he was tasked with teaching other Brokers how they work. He is active in the community and regularly gives to charity.
He is a volunteer in his community and a blood donor.

He works with his brother Monty who is a Microsoft Certified Engineer with creative control in development of several websites including this one.

Please do not hesitate to Email me 24/7
"Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must be first overcome"
Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)
English critic & poet





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